Ainsley Arment

by Ainsley Arment


Love for the Gutierrez Family

I met this lovely mama three years ago at the very first Wild + Free conference here in Virginia Beach. I had a feeling I would love her in person, but oh what a beautiful soul she is. Andrea @dearlittlewolves (pictured with her oldest and youngest) is the mama of four amazing children and wife to her best friend Rick - who was just diagnosed with a brain tumor and possible melanoma in his lungs and liver. This is devastating news and the road ahead is unclear. Tomorrow morning, he is having brain surgery and then will begin radiation therapy shortly there after. Please please keep Andrea's husband and family in your prayers! And if you feel prompted to give anything at all to help with the forthcoming medical bills and Rick's extended time off work - be it $5 or $500 here's a link to their family's YouCaring page: If everyone would give a little something, we could help this family so much. 💙 #littlewolveslove


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