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Nature Journaling

This bundled offer includes a 14-week Nature Journaling course featuring Kristin Rogers' content and instructional videos from the Wild + Free bundles, along with printable worksheets, and step-by-step instructions.

In addition to the online course, you'll also receive Kristin Roger's 132-page, full-color book on Nature Journaling. You’ll not only learn how to choose supplies, draw specific items from nature, and make it a consistent part of your homeschool, but you’ll also find a treasure trove of illustrations and photos from Kristin’s own journal.

The book should arrive within three weeks, but we'll do our best to get it there sooner. It may take longer for shipments overseas.

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We believe these 14 lessons will transform your family's approach to nature study!


1. Getting Started in Nature Journaling

2. Nature Journaling FAQs

3. Watercolor Techniques

4. Nature Journaling Wildflowers

5. Nature Journaling Mushrooms

6. Nature Journaling Chickens

7. Nature Journaling Bees

8. Journaling a Nature Walk

9. Nature Journaling Tips

10. Nature Journaling Birds in Flight

11. Nature Journaling Tree Frogs

12. Nature Journaling Through Books

13. Nature Journaling Dangerous Plants

14. Foraging in Nature

BONUS 1: Changing the World Through Nature

BONUS 2: Nature Inspired Correspondence

BONUS 3: Nature Journaling the Aquarium

BONUS 4: The Nature Journals of Edith Holden

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Nature Journal

6 hours and 5 minutes


Kristin Rogers

I love to laugh, learn, make fun of myself (there is much opportunity for this one), let my children climb on me, and join them in their homemade forts. I am not a “put together” girl. I often discover a rip in my dress a little too late or get caught making up words when the correct ones fail me. My heart does a “pitter-patter” for nature, adoption, reading, coffee, homeschooling, thrift shops, messy hair and tattoos. I'm grateful for grace and the love of my husband and two daughters... and hugs. I'm grateful for hugs.